Top 5 Rehabilitation Robotics Solutions

How Robotic Rehabilitation Shaped your future life

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Highly competitive in robotic rehabilitation, there are numerous competitor involved in globally and regionally. Depends on difference rehab need, comes widely range of robotic therapy. More value convey in product innovation and extended product line strategically.

Undoubtedly, the highly growth and profitable market in robotic rehabilitation assist and attract more talents and key players. CAGR during 2014 to 2019 is expected to 24.3%(source). I featured 5 representative and potential company with different way of robotic rehabilitation as shown as follow.


location:Fremont, CA
type:advanced treadmill

the customer segment are athletics training and physiotherapy. the benefit are reduce the injury of rehabilitation, reduce recover time, and increase therapeutic results. It is welknow for its anti-gravity treadmill, immerse in water container and keeping rehab training on treadmill. the knee and hip injury from body weight is expected reduce, without sacrifice necessary training on treadmill. Product is not only well adopted in USA, but also in Asia as well. Including the most pool country in SEA, it can be seen in their top tier General hospital

2. Ekso Bionics

location: Richmond, CA(map)
type: exoskeleton robot

What Ekso inspires me the most is the dream-paralysis patient stand/ walk from wheel chair. product has been launched on market, which is one of the most awesome milestone in the history of bio-engineer. Disable patient can subjective control their movement by walking, while they need full assist from some other people. This benefit patient suffered from spinal injury, stroke, and some other low limb injury to walk. Though the price is still the challenge extend to end customer market. Regulatory also limit its usage for patient alone. A caregiver is required. which also increase the cost while using.


location: Switzerland
type: exoskeleton with virtual reality

For neurology disorder patient, movement from spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple-sclerosis, brain injury, and Parkinson’s. Programmed gait guide system with exoskeleton on treadmill, patient can undergo therapeutic training.

similar company includes BioNIK, yourehab, RehabRobot, and LongGood

4. Kinova

type:Prosthesis Limb

It is be funded with 25M CAD, investor included Canada governor, and foxcon(Taiwan). As for disable, and prosthesis hand installed on wheel chair to replace manual function for paralysis.

5. RehaPal

location:Berkeley, CA
type:humanoid robot rehabilitation

Founded in Silicon valley, empowered by robotic lab UC Berkeley, by 2 visiting scholar from Taiwan. For stroke at post acute stage, focused on pROM and resistant training. The humanoid robot enhance physiotherapy’s productivity by assisting labor intensive and repetitive work.



  1. AlterG
    地點:美國費力文(Fremont, CA, USA)(map)
  2. Ekso Bionics
    地點:美國列治文(Richmond, CA, USA)(map)
  3. Hocoma
    針對神經相關疾病患者,像是脊椎損傷、中風、多發性硬化、腦傷、帕金森氏症等所造成的移動問題。目前在各大醫院使用的是步態訓練系統,藉由預先設定好的步態引導系統,讓患者在外骨骼機器設備協助下,能夠在跑步機上半自主地跟著訓練Program 復健。台灣目前所知,台北醫學大學附設醫院有提供高端自費項目。
  4. BioNIK
     為神經復健的患者,提供互動式的機器訓練設備。公司提供的價值在於對神經科患者,提供evidence based,個人化以及認知運動治療。並且,其治療protocol自信病人將能持續的浸潤使用。著名的產品包括了腕部互動訓練等。目前在台灣也將有醫療器材廠商,與遠距復健廠商龍骨王合作,將於2018年atlife輔具展上展出。
  5. Kinova
  6. RehaPal